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Bangkok East Main

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Thai & Southeast Asian



1200 East Main St

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(864) 583 -2532

Delivery Hours

4:00PM - 8:30PM
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4:00PM - 8:30PM
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4:00PM - 8:30PM
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Drinks From HCD

All drinks will be delivered at room temperature. Drink orders do not go towards the food purchase minimum.


Thai Soups

Thai soups served w/ your choice of chicken, shrimp or seafood.

Tom kah

Coconut milk cooked w/ an essence of herbs, lemon grass, mushrooms, scallions & red onions to bring out the unique light coco flavor w/ a splash of lemon juice

Tom yum (mild)

Thailand's most famous & classic hot-&-sour soup cooked w/ herbs, spices, lemon grass, red onions, scallions, mushrooms & tomatoes to bring out the distinct flavor

House Soups

Thai Salad

Yum is a favorite traditional Thai salad dish.Its crisp textures, mild, sweet & sharp aromatic flavors provide a refreshing complement & perfect balance w/ other entrees..Yum enhances the natural flavors by tossing & turning its ingredients-lime juice, roast chili paste & mixed w/ red onions, scallions, carrots, cilantro, celery, lemon grass & hints of ginger, topped off w/ cucumber on a bed of lettuce.

Royal Curry

Coconut milk base curry cooked w/ different varieties of veggies depending on your choice of curry. Thai curries are very tasty & fragrant, they will satisfy your desire. Aroy-dee! (Delicious)


All stir-fried entrees served w/ steamed rice.Brown rice available for an additional charge

Fried Rice


Thai stir-fried noodle dishes mixed w/ your choice of protein

Vitenamese Pho

Bangkok's Special

The chef has exclusively chosen these dishes from his special recipes. Each individual dish is carefully prepared, deliciously seasoned & cooked as you order. Each entree is served w/ steam rice

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Bangkok Duck (Small)


Tender, boneless roast duck served on a bed of stir-fried vegetables and topped w/ our special sauce & cashew nuts

Bangkok Duck (Large)


Tender, boneless roast duck served on a bed of stir-fried vegetables & topped w/ our special sauce & cashew nuts

Bangkok Chicken


Steamed chicken sauteed in Bangkok sweet & sour chili sauce on a bed of mixed veggies

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Fried Pompano Fish


This savory white fish is great to share and is served with side of spicy Thai dipping sauce. Please be careful, the fish has bones

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Ocean Curry


Big shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels & crabmeat w/ bell peppers, bamboo shoots, pineapple, carrot & snow peas in a special curry sauce

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Curry Tilapia (Small)


Tilapiafillets battered in tempura & lightly deep fried.Served w/ steamed bell peppers & red curry sauce & topped w/ fried basil leaves

Curry Tilapia (Large)


Tilapia fillets battered in tempura & lightly deep fried. Served w/ steamed bell peppers & red curry sauce topped w/ fried basil leaves

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Salmon Delight


Grilled salmon w/ stir-fried fresh bell peppers, snow peas, onions & scallions w/ garlic sauce glaze on top

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Four Season Fish


Lightly fried red snapper filet topped with an outstanding sweet chili garlic sauce on a bed of vegetable sauce glaze on top

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Singapore Noodles

This dish has as curry flavor and yellow hue, made with carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, rice noodles, prawn/shrimp, and peppers

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Laab Seen (Beef Salad)


A delicious Thai spicy meat salad which originates form North East of Thailand. This dish is typically served cold and has refreshing spicy, lime flavor

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Thum Mua (Mixed Papaya Salad)


A very popular Thai dish made of spicy papaya salad, noodles, shrimp, green beans, calamari, meatballs, and veggies. If you love Som Tum we recommend giving this dish a try!

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Seen Savanna (Beef Jerky)


A shareable beef with sesame seeds appetizer that has a light sweetness and definitely not your average tore bough beef jerky. Served with our special spicy Thai dipping sauce

Homemade Sausage


House made, flavorful pork sausage mixed with Thai spices and served with spicy Thai dipping sauce

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Cho-Chee Shrimp


A typical dish sauteed jumbo shrimp, mixed vegetables and basil in cho-chee curry sauce

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Volcano Shrimp


Jumbo, steamed shrimp topped w/ lava sauce on a bed of mixed veggies

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Khao Niao (Sticky Rice)


Typically eaten with your hands and rolled into small ball to dip into various sauces, or meat dishes. A very common dish in any Thai household. Serves 2 people or one really hungry person

Japanese Entrees

Dinner entree comes w/ a house salad. All meals are cooked on a hibachi grill & served w/ fried rice, sweet carrots or zucchini & shrimp sauce


Treat your tastebud to the exotic flavor of mango & sticky rice topped w/sweet coconut milk


All Drinks are 16 oz cups

Side Orders & Extra Sauces

Lunch Menu

Royal curry


Fried rice


Japanese entrees

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Lunch Hours

Mon thru Sun11:00AM - 4:00PM

Dinner Hours

Sun thru Thurs4:00PM - 9:00PM
Fri and Sat4:00PM - 10:00PM


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